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about : TIK : Time Inventors Kabinet

TIK is a project, an interest into ecology and media art, a collaborative experiment with time … taking an ecological approach to observing patterns in time and time control systems… the creative tools we build to generate new audio and visual artworks and mediate a creative discourse on ecological time … an 'horloge a vent'(wind clock), an imaginary time keeping device regulated by the irregular movement of the wind … workshops, art radio sessions, public access digital media archive, public presentations, conferences and exhibitions, a critical publication … 're-inventing ecological time'

models for Time Inventors Kabinet

Leonardo model

http://timeinventorskabinet.org/wiki/doku.php/windclocks/leonardo#leonardo , first design with Marcio and Isjtar inspired by leonardo type of anemometer

... Leonardo topview.jpg ... ...

Venturi model

Venturifixed2.png Venturi.jpg ... ...

Ed Lenz rotating model


atknv2 prototype atknv2 prototype atknv2 prototype atknv2 prototype

No wings on it yet, just the form I had cutout at timelab But you can already see the shape of the wings. Again loosely based upon the Ed Lenz model. This time with 3 wings like the original.

atknv2 prototype atknv2 prototype gearbox closeup wing closeup

Changed the gearbox and added the wings. m

experiments with a small model run at Korcula based upon [Lenz model]