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Gert Aertsen

Gert Aertsen studied Fine Arts at the Higher Institute for Visual Arts, St-Lukas in Brussels. In 2000 he started the postgraduate course at the HISK. Since then he has been exploring the possibilities of new media and technology for artistic purposes.

He was a member of the collective MxHz, Machine Centered Humanz. MxHz was a multidisciplinary team of artists, curators, technicians, all radically chosen for technological art. Mxhz = fighting a slow battle against the ancient 20th century world. They realised a long list of non-conformist projects ranging from networked audiovisual performances, sound installations to artbots. The core members of the collective were Guy Van Belle and Gert Aertsen. Within Mxhz, Gert Aertsen was mainly involved in the installation "Thoughts go By Air".

In 2002 he set up his own organisation,, among other things to manage the various Mxhz projects.

Together with Pieter Heremans & Hendrik Leper, he organized Code31 . Code31 was an open studio for research, development and discussion about techniques and ways of thinking in media art. The initiative stimulated the exchange between artists from different disciplines and provided the necessary space to experiment with new technologies. The last installation they developed was "SE / 30: Welcome to the 20th century back". This installation was shown at Deaf07 festival in Rotterdam.

With Annemie Maes and Guy Van Belle he started the visual arts organization OKNO. This organization was established as an umbrella organization for the three initiatives Looking Glass, Mxhz and Code31.

Within these different organizations Gert Aertsen was active as organizer, educator, producer, technician, programmer, workshop supervisor and artist.

Since 2004 he managed the media lab at the HISK, Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Ghent. As such he guided the HISK artists in the production of their audiovisual work. And was responsible for audiovisual production for exhibitions and events. Since the last year he took a role as general production manager of works and exhibitions.

From 2005 to 2010 he taught interactive media art at the Academy of Anderlecht, together with Erik Nerinckx.

Gert Aertsen lives and works in Brussels.


Technology and science are playing an ever-increasing role in the development of contemporary culture. They form a driving force in cultural innovation. Technological progress and scientific research influence our thinking and our lives. Within this cultural context, the role of the arts must be evaluated. Art can only be on the verge of change if it is aware of these cultural driving forces. A more active collaboration between the arts and the technological world is imminent. The relationship between the two must be investigated.

"I believe that the art historians of the future may look back at this period and see that the major aesthetic inputs have come from art and ..." - Paul Brown "- Reality versus Imagination". is a Brussels organization that operates on the border between art and technology. It is a production unit that supports various artistic initiatives and conducts research into the relationship between art and technology.

"Art that explores technological and scientific frontiers is an act of relevance not only to a high-brow niche in a segregated corner of our culture." "Art, like research, asks questions about the possibilities and implications of technological innovation." - Stephen Wilson - Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science and Technology. is looking for like-minded people who resolutely use a technological approach within art, people with different backgrounds, to set up partnerships. was founded in 2002 by Gert Aertsen to production his artistic work and manage some projects of the collectives he was involved in. In addition, the organisation assists other artists in the artistic-technical creation of their projects.

Selection of exhibitions


Videosculpture, synchronised video installation for Emmanuel Van der Auwera, for Muzee, 2018
AMVK, development of a synchronised and motorised audiovisual installation for Annemie van Kerckhoven, MUHKA, Antwerp, 2018
Art Brussels, ‘Mystic Properties’ flagship exhibition, exhibition coordination for HISK, 2018
The Grid and The Cloud: How to Connect, Production coordination, Vanderborght for HISK, 2017
Trust is not a mood barely an emotion at ING Ghent, Production coordination for HISK, 2017
Trust in the unexpected, Gouvernors mansion, Ghent for HISK, 2017
Time is a technology, group show, Time at La Société, Brussels, 2017
Perpetual Uncertainty, installation of the audio visual works at Z33 , Hasselt, 2017
Untitled, performance at TAZ for 2m3, Ostend, 2017
Missing Eyes, technical assistance, Emmanuel Van der Auwera, 2017
2016 sarah en charles reparatie
2016 munt
2016 emmanuel
2016 Noyau
2016 Philip Huyghe
Untitled-prelude, development and installation of an interactive audiowork for Lotte van den Audenaeren & Flemish Government Architect, 2016
academia anderlecht workshop, 2016


[Aargh], presentation, Cafe Europe, Mons, Aug 2015
State of Stability, duo show with David De Buyser, Jun 2015
[Aargh], @Overtoon, Brussels, May 2015
Sense of sound, group show, Z33 Hasselt, Feb 2014
One shot video, interactive video installation, Bronks theater, Brussels, Jun 2013
State of Stability, installation, WOLKE, Brussels, Jun 2013
Casparo, prop design for an opera, Brussels, Tokyo, May 2013
One shot video, interactive video installation, Bronks theater, Brussels, Apr 2013
Art's Birthday, Exercising Slow, installation, OKNO, Brussels, Jan 2013
State of stability, performance, @nadine, Dec 2012
Version, residence, @nadine, Nov-Dec 2012
Exercising Slow, performance, @ 2m3 , Brussels, Oct 2012
Time Inventors Kabinet, installation, group show @OKNO & Open House, Brussels, May 2012
Version, residence @OKNO, Brussels, Jan-May 2012
Objects, Food, Rooms, installation, Tender Buttons, group show @ Kunst-Zicht , Ghent, Nov 2011
Stevenson, installation, group show and presentation @On different Soil, Prague, Nov 2011
Physical Cosmology, development for installation by Carola Mücke, Dublin, Ireland, July 2011
Lineman, installation for the performance 'Bodyscan' by Keskiespace , Summer of Antwerp, July 2011
Overcast, development tracking for installation by Sarah & Charles for Freestate, Ostend, June 2011
Time Inventors Cabinet, Leading workshop @ Timelab for OKNO, Ghent, June 2011
Atkn, A tribute to Karl Nessler, residence @ Ecos, Nantes, France, March 2011
Outnumbered, presentation @dorkbot Brussels, with Jasper Rigole about the Outnumbered project, Imal, Brussels, Feb 2011
Cabinet Meeting, Leading workshop @OKNO, Brussels, Jan 2011
Crossover, installation, Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for art and science, Brussels, Jan 2011
<inForm>, installation, Kunst-Zicht , Ghent, Dec 2010
Wind festival, installation, Energi Akademi, Samso, Denmark, Jun-Nov 2010
Outnumbered, development for Jasper Rigole @ Manifesta8, Murcia, Spain, Nov 2010
Time Inventors Cabinet, Leading workshop TIK project by OKNO, Korcula, Croatia, Oct 2010
Green Summer, installation, Verbeke Foundation , Kemzeke, May-Sept 2010
Atkn, A tribute to Karl Nessler, residence @Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke, May-Sept 2010
Time Inventors Cabinet, Leading workshop, TIK project by OKNO, Czech Republic, Aug 2010
Atkn, A tribute to Karl Nessler, presentation, @ E-culture fair together with OKNO, Dortmund, Germany, Aug 2010
Atkn, A tribute to Karl Nessler, presentation, Tap launch days, Brussels, July 2010
The Sensory Room, development of Sensory room by Sarah & Charles for Flemish Government Architect, Neder over Heembeek, Jan-Dec 2010


Atkn, A tribute to Karl Nessler, presentation, Art + Communication 2009: energy , Riga, Latvia, Oct 2009
Atkn, A tribute to Karl Nessler, installation, Coastomize: contemporary art in the Flemish Ardennes, Velzeke. Summer 2008
Thoughts go by Air, installation, Synch festival, Athens, June 2007
Granfalloon, installation, Cittadelarte, Biella, Italy, Sep 2007
SE / 30: Welcome to the 20th century back, installation, V2, Deaf07 festival, Rotterdam, Apr 2007
SE / 30: Welcome to the 20th century back, installation, Public01, Brussels, May 2006
Thoughts go by Air, installation, Tesla, Berlin, Jun_2005
Victorian Circus, presentation, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, May_2005
CodeCommunicationsCamp, installation, Argosfestival, Brussels, Oct_2003
Dorkbot, presentation, De Visserij, Ghent, Apr_2003
Roving Walter Walter, installation, Artefact Leuven, Piece Leuven, Feb_2003
EarlyAbstractions, performance, Lux, Nijmegen, Jan_2003
EarlyAbstractions, performance, Filmfestival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Jan_2003